Organic, Local and Fair

With ethical actions, we want to contribute to the necessary respect for humanity and nature – especially in our local surroundings, but also beyond. The organic ideal is the basis for our actions. Only through controlled organic agriculture can a sustainable management of the soils available for food cultivation worldwide be ensured. We want to provide added value to our community and region with a large variety of organic eco-friendly foods and products which lay the basis for a healthy life and mind.


Owner / Operator

Gisèle has many years of experience in the management of Health Food stores in Switzerland. She is a trained Kinesiologist and has been working as an independent therapist since 2003. With Gisèle’s constant use of healthy, natural products in her own kitchen and lifestyle, she has a practical knowledge of her product’s quality and usages. Together with her experience in the health and nutrition sector, Gisèle is able to recognise correlations to advise clients competently. (E.g: Lactose or Gluten Intolerances, Allergies or the correct use of food supplements to regain or maintain stable health). Gisèle has a strong sales profile and loves to provide her customers with holistic advice.